About Organix Solutions


Organix Solutions is an organic waste consultancy focused on providing cost-effective and sustainable collection and treatment solutions for institutional and commercial clients. We partner with business, agricultural and the public sector to eliminate organic waste sent to landfills, recycle it to highest-value use and return it to our community value chain.

We manufacturer our own proprietary biopolymer films for organics recycling and agricultural mulch films. Our patent pending Blue Bag Organics® and Green Bag Organix™ compostable liners for organics collection programs are durable and BPI certified for compostability. Organix Solutions also manufactures agricultural mulch films developed for soil biodegradable applications. At the end of the growing cycle, Organix A.G. Film™ can be plowed into the soil, eliminating a significant amount of agricultural plastic waste sent to landfill. Learn more at Organix Solutions.


Our values




Our goal is to develop long term partnerships with our customers by forming bonds based on respect, representing our capabilities with honesty and to always put our customers first.


Delivering superior products and solutions


We emphasize value in everything we do. We demand that each of our products perform to a very high standard. Our services to our customers focus on value creation by providing them with a competitive advantage in the market and bottom line improvements.


Sustainable Development


People, planet and profit. We measure our performance in each of these critical areas.



  • Our people are energized by our commitment to sustainable development. The development and welfare of our employees is key to our continued success. We think the best people are drawn to the challenging work we do.


  • Providing solutions that divert organic waste from landfill and return it as a valuable commodity for reuse is our business. Our programs and services are proven to reduce our carbon footprints, harmful greenhouse gases and our reliance on fossil fuels.


  • We reject as a false choice having to choose between the environment and profitability. Our programs reduce costs, and unlock new revenue streams, attract talented people that contribute to our bottom line and provide a competitive advantage in the market by implementing sustainable development solutions.