23 Gallon Heavy Duty Green Bag (60 Ct.)

sku: OGX-G-23-HD-060
Price: $43.20

30 Bags per roll
2 Rolls per box
29 x 42


A biobased compostable liner for source separated organics (SSO) collection designed specifically for the industrial, commercial and institutional food work environment.


BPI Certified Compostable - ASTM D6400

This compostable liner is certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute® (BPI) to fully compost at an industrial compost facility and meets ASTM D6400 specification.


Performance Characteristics

  • Durable, designed for heavy loads in commercial food operations
  • Very good puncture toughness, tear and zipper resistance
  • Manufactured with a star-sealed bottom to eliminate leaks or breaks